What's your wet dream?

What's your wet dream?
Is it passion? Or ecstasy
Cause all your freaky needs would be fulfill
I wanna hit it from the back
I wanna bang it all night long

What's your fantasy? What's your wet dream?
You like it real soft? Or you like it real mean?
You like it in the back? Or you like it in the front?
You like to make love? Or you wanna straight fuck?
You like to get your hair pulled? Scream all night?
Face in the pillow oh yea damn bite
Doggy style change your position
Cause you wanna feel the pleasure
Get treated like a kitty shaking them titties
Call me on the phone while your all alone
So you can play with yourself every dog needs a bone
Warming up the dark light up the spot
In the jacuzzi tub you need a g to hit it hard
Laugh while I'm stabbing a little thug action
Freaking in between the sheets
Our bodies start crashing
Tapping you out as you get hot and badder
Whats your wet dream baby? So I can bang it harde
Hot water like steam in the bed room
U prefer real freaky what you into?
Cause I'm gonna fuck you down till your body shakes
Screaming out loud how much can you take
Ocean ocean wet drop every passion
You light up on my shoulder finger nails your scratching
Happens your a freak with a finish
Going all night get you the wettest
Back it up and pull out the whip cream
This is your fantasy
Lets have a wet dream
Reach for the sex lets have a casanoba
Turn your body to the side as I bend you over
Making you moan to the song
Hit you so hard now you feel that I'm strong
Pass me the bun so I can tap that ass
Hope your dreams come true while I watch you climax

So what's your wet dream?



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46, Ullensaker

Alterherlig bloggen er meg på godt og vondt.Nedturer og oppturer.Med hjerte i hånden skal jeg prøve å dele tanker og følelser med dere her inne og hva jeg evt mener om enkelte ting.....eller ikke mener.